Bug: ST_Geometry types in Oracle do not contain a user-defined OID property value


Oracle types require an OID property value to uniquely identify the type. When creating a type, there is an OID clause for establishing type equivalence of identical objects in more than one database.

ArcSDE 9.2 does not set the OID property value when creating a type.


When a type is created, the OID property value must be specified if the type is going to participate in Oracle replication or allow tables with the type attribute to be exported and imported between Oracle instances. If the OID is not set in the command during the type's creation, Oracle automatically generates a globally unique OID value.

Unfortunately, the limitations when a type OID value is not set when creating a type are not clearly documented by Oracle.

Oracle does not provide the ability to ALTER existing types to set an OID value.


There is no workaround to the problem once an ArcSDE instance has been installed.