Bug: Unable to create multiversioned views on spatial tables in ArcSDE geodatabases for DB2 z/OS


The following error occurs when trying to create a multiversioned view (versioned view) on a table that contains a spatial column in a geodatabase in DB2 z/OS:

"SQL20060N The key transform table function used by the index extension of index "DISTINCT TYPE" of table "PARAMETER" in "NEW_FEATURE" generated duplicate rows."


There is no support for distinct types in the SQL stored procedures.

Due to a limitation in what can be stored inside a trigger in DB2 z/OS, ArcGIS uses stored procedures inside the triggers to support the multiversioned (versioned) view implementation. However it is not possible to pass a spatial type to a stored procedure. Therefore, the creation of multiversioned (versioned) views on spatial tables fails.


Multiversioned (versioned) views can only be created on nonspatial tables in geodatabases in DB2 z/OS currently.