Error: Registering tables with st_geometry attributes with NULL values results in an error

Error Message

When using the 'sdelayer -o register' command with a table containing an st_geometry attribute with NULL geometries, the following underlying Oracle error 'ORA-20020' occurs:

D:\>sdelayer -o register -l spatial_view,shape -e p -u tomb -i 5151 -t st_geometry -C objectid,user

ArcSDE 9.2 for Oracle10g Build 508 Thu Apr 17 12:23:18 2008

Layer Administration Utility
Error: Underlying DBMS error (-51).
Error: Cannot Create Layer.
ORA-20020: Table TOMB.SPATIAL_VIEW.shape has multiple SRID's defined to different geometries.


The error results when registering a table with ArcSDE if multiple geometries are present with different SRID values or if there are geometries with the same SRID value and NULL geometries.

Solution or Workaround

Either update the existing geometries to use the same SRID value, or remove the rows from the table that have NULL geometries.