Error: The version could not be reconciled

Error Message

When reconciling a child version to parent, the following error may be encountered:

"The version could not be reconciled".

This Knowledge Base Article is specifically for those cases where no additional information is provided in the error message.


The system is unable to perform the requested operation and is unable to provide any detail as to why. Errors such as this can be caused by geometric network errors, inconsistent attributes with relationships, or internal logical conditions during the requested reconcile operation.

Solution or Workaround

Below are a few steps that may provide the additional information needed to solve the problem.

  1. Enable SDEINTERCEPT logging on the ArcMAP client machine to see if an error message is logged between the data source and client.
    A) Close ArcMAP.

    B) Set the following Windows environment variables:
    set SDEINTERCEPT=crwTf
    set SDEINTERCEPTLOC=%TEMP%\sde_intercept_file

    C) Start ArcMAP from a desktop shortcut or command (CMD) prompt. Do not start it from a previously running ArcCatalog or other ArcGIS Session.

    D) Reproduce the error.

    E) Find the newly create file in the %TEMP% location. If the location of the newly created file is unknown, open a command prompt and type:
    cd %TEMP%
    dir sde_intercept_file*.*

    F) Open the file and search for the words 'error' or 'GetConnectionError'.
  2. If help is still needed identifying the source of this error and the SDEINTERCEPT did not contain any additional information, the next step is to contact ESRI Support Services.
    It may be necessary to provide the data to ESRI Support Services.


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