Bug: After moving geometric network features, the connectivity has changed


After moving a set of selected geometric network features, the connectivity of the features may change in that the edges are connected to different junctions than prior to the move.


The connectivity change only occurs under specific circumstances and data configurations:

1) During the move operation, the features are snapped onto themselves. The following screen shot demonstrates one such scenario. Snapping has been set to the orphan junction feature class (yellow with a black outline) and the selection anchor has been moved to be coincident with one of the junctions at the top of 'T'. On moving the network features, the selection anchor is snapped to one of the orphan junction features. This results with incorrect connectivity for the vertical edge feature.

Example of move where network features snap to themselves

2) A unique scenario where the following two conditions must be met:
- The set of network features is moved a very small distance, one that is an order or two above the tolerance of the dataset.
- The length of the edge features is very close to the tolerance of the dataset (no more than an order of magnitude above the tolerance).


This issue can be resolved by installing ArcGIS 9.3 or ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 6.

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