How To: Get a formatted view of the contents of the ReplicaLog.dat file


Instructions provided describe how to get a formatted view of the replica activity log (ReplicaLog.dat).


The contents of the ReplicaLog.dat file can be viewed directly in a text editor. However, the following describes how to get a formatted view of the information:

  1. Download the ReplicaActivityLogSupportFiles.zip, which contains the replicalog.xml and replicalog.xsl files.
  2. Extract the files from the .zip and place these files in the same directory as the replicalog.dat file.
    The ReplicaLog.dat is found in the temp directory (as defined by the temp environment variable) of the machine on which the operation was executed. If using ArcGIS Server, the information is stored in the server activity log and can be accessed through the ArcGIS Server Manager.
  3. Open the replicalog.xml file in Internet Explorer.
    If an error is received when opening the XML file, it may be necessary to unblock a security check on the file. To do this, right-click the ReplicaLog.xml file and select Properties. Go to the General Tab and click 'Unblock'.
    The following is an example of a formatted replica activity log:
    [O-Image] Replica Activity Log