Problem: Upgrading the geometry type using ArcSDE 9.3 for Oracle Post Installation wizard fails if the authorization file in the geodatabase has expired


A failure may occur when upgrading ArcSDE for Oracle geodatabases using the Post Installation wizard if all of the following conditions exist:

· An ArcSDE 9.2 or earlier version ArcSDE geodatabase is being upgraded to ArcSDE 9.3.
· The license file in the geodatabase being upgraded has expired or is missing.
· The DBTUNE upgrade option is selected on the 'ArcSDE configuration files continued' dialog box in the Post Installation wizard.


This failure occurs because the Post Installation wizard has to be able to connect to the geodatabase to upgrade the DBTUNE table. If the authorization file is out-of-date or missing, the Post Installation wizard cannot connect to the geodatabase to make this change.

Solution or Workaround

To work around this potential problem, do one of the following:

  • Update the license file using the sdesetup –o update_key command prior to running the Post Installation wizard with the DBTUNE upgrade option checked.
  • Run the Post Installation wizard twice: the first time to update the authorization file in the geodatabase, the second time to upgrade the geodatabase repository.

    To do this, use the Custom option on the Post Installation wizard and run the ArcSDE authorization first. Then run the Post Installation wizard again with the Custom option and perform the Repository setup.
  • Select the Create option on the 'ArcSDE configuration files continued' dialog box, instead of selecting the upgrade option. After the geodatabase upgrade and license update are finished, use the sdedbtune -o alter command to change the default geometry storage type in the DBTUNE table.

    Information on the sdedbtune and sdesetup commands can be found in the ArcSDE Administration Command Reference installed with the ArcSDE component of ArcGIS Server Enterprise. Further information on upgrading the geodatabase can be found in the ArcSDE for Oracle installation guide provided on the ArcSDE component installation media.