Problem: A CSV file does not display correctly in ArcGIS with certain locales


Comma-separated value (CSV) files do not display correctly in ArcCatalog or when using a XY event source with certain locales.


Sometimes a comma is used as the decimal delimiter, rather than a period, as in the notation used in some European countries. Text files are accessed in ArcGIS using the Microsoft ODBC provider for text. The default delimiter is a comma. Changing the system locale does not change the default delimiter used by the provider.

Solution or Workaround

Change the delimiter in a schema.ini file:


In this case, the semicolon is used to separate values, rather than a comma. Almost any character can be used. It is not limited to semicolons. The commas, that separate values in the text file, should be replaced with the selected delimiter.

For more information see the Microsoft document:

Schema.ini File (Text File Driver)