How To: Create a SQL Server Authenticated user in SQL Server 2005


Instructions provided describe how to create a new SQL Server Authenticated user within SQL Server 2005 to be used with ArcSDE.

The instructions below are specific for creating logins or users for use in conjunction with ArcSDE. Please consult the database administrator to perform such operations.

Further information can be found in the ArcGIS Desktop Help. Please refer to the Related Information section below.


  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Connect to SQL Server as the 'SA' or an Administrative User.
  3. Right-click on the Security folder > New > Login.
  4. Type in a Login name.
  5. Check the bullet for SQL Server Authentication and type in a password.
    [O-Image] password

    If 'Enforce password policy' is not unchecked, the password must contain both alpha and numeric characters.

  6. Click 'User Mapping' at the top left under 'Select a Page'.
  7. Check the database(s) to apply the user to, and type in the username for 'Default Schema'.
    [O-Image] user_mapping

    The User and Default Schema must match for SQL Server Authentication.

  8. Click OK.

    The user and schema are automatically added to the database(s). This user is now able to connect to the database.

    If this user is intended to create views, feature classes or tables and import data, additional permissions need to be assigned to the user. See the steps below for the procedure to assign the additional permissions.
  9. Right-click on the database in which the user was applied > Properties.
  10. Select 'Permissions' from the top left corner of the 'Database Properties' dialog box under the 'Select a Page' heading.
  11. Select the newly added user on the right.
  12. Below the user is a list of permissions. Apply the following permissions to the user by checking the box under 'Grant':

    [O-Image] permissions
  13. Click OK.

    This user is now able to create views, feature classes or tables and import data.

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