Problem: After renaming the database server hostname, the ArcSDE service does not start


After renaming the server on which the database management system (DBMS) resides, the ArcSDE service cannot start.


The ArcSDE service is still referencing the old server name.

On Windows servers, the datasource for the ArcSDE service is stored in the registry. Renaming the datasource leaves this registry key pointing to an invalid datasource.

For Oracle and DB2 DBMSs, the databases themselves are not started until the server name is updated in the tnsnames.ora file (for Oracle) or the Control Center (for DB2).

Solution or Workaround

As mentioned in the previous note, update the server name in the tnsnames.ora file for Oracle. Update the alias for DB2 to point to a new server name. For ArcSDE services on Oracle or DB2, it is the ORACLE_SID or the DB2 alias respectively that is stored in the registry. Updating this information for the DBMS should fix the problem for the ArcSDE service.

To fix this problem for geodatabases in SQL Server or PostgreSQL on Windows, re-create the ArcSDE service.

  1. Delete the old ArcSDE service using the sdeservice command with the delete operation.

    sdeservice -o delete -d <DBMS> -i <service>

  2. If the same service name and port number must be used for the new service, open the Windows services file and delete the entry for the ArcSDE service that was deleted in the previous step. The Windows services file is located under WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc.
  3. Run the Post Installation wizard to re-create the service. After opening the wizard, choose a Custom installation and click Next.
  4. Only check the last option (Create ArcSDE service) and click Next.
  5. Type the information for the new ArcSDE service. The wizard adds an entry to the Windows services and services.sde files and starts the service.