Error: There was an error executing the query. Unable to create logfile system tables

Error Message

When performing a selection in ArcMap, the following error message occurs:

"There was an error executing the query.
Unable to create logfile system tables. User perhaps lacks permissions or resources to create tables[ORA-01031: insufficient privileges]".


The "unable to create logfile system tables" error message is usually indicative of a problem when ArcSDE is trying to create shared logfile tables for the connecting user. For this to occur, the user must have the CREATE TABLE privilege in the database.

The way shared logfile tables work in ArcSDE, which is the default setting for logfiles, is that these logfiles are created when the default selection threshold of 100 is exceeded in ArcMap. In other words, when the user selects more than 100 features for the first time in ArcMap, these shared logfiles are created. If the connecting user does not have CREATE TABLE, then this fails.

To disable the user from making the selection to have the privilege CREATE TABLE, configure ArcSDE for using session logfiles instead of shared logfiles. With session logfiles, a pool of logfile tables is created in the 'SDE' schema and owned by the 'SDE' user. Whenever an ArcMap session is in need of a logfile table, it checks one out from this pool of tables. Session logfiles do not require the CREATE TABLE privilege.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Open a Windows command prompt.
  2. Execute the following command:

    C:\> sdeconfig -o alter -v ALLOWSESSIONLOGFILE=TRUE,LOGFILEPOOLSIZE=10 -i 5151 -u sde -p ****

    The logfilepoolsize value can be set to any value. Set this value higher to make more than 10 logfile tables available.

  3. Restart the ArcSDE service to effect the change.
  4. Execute the following:

    C:\> sdemon -o info -I config -i 5151 -u sde -p ****

    This command lists all current ArcSDE configuration parameters. ALLOWSESSIONLOGFILE should be set to TRUE and LOGFILEPOOLSIZE should be set to 10.
    [O-Image] command_line