Problem: Results from the Find Address task do not display in the Web Mapping Application


This is a bug in ArcGIS Server version 9.2 and has been resolved in version 9.3.

After running a Find Address task in a Web Mapping application, the results do not appear on the map. When zooming to an individual result, the map appears blank except for the geocoded point. Clicking the Full Extent button displays the map layers again.


The coordinate system of the source address locator and the coordinate system of the source map document for the map service do not match.

Solution or Workaround

Use the same coordinate system for the address locator and the map document's data frame. The address locator uses the coordinate system of the reference data used to build the locator. For more information about setting the coordinate system for the map document, please see the ArcGIS Desktop Help topic in the Related Information section below.

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