Bug: Local Windows Authenticated Connections no longer work on Windows 2000 or 2003 Server


Windows Authenticated Connections made to ArcSDE from the same machine where ArcSDE is installed fail.

This behavior is specific to Application Server (3-Tier) Connections from any ArcSDE Client. It does not affect connections made using Direct Connect.

The following gsrvr.exe error message may display:

"The application failed to initialized properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application."

Errors similar to the following are written to the giomgr.log file:

"Wed Nov 28 14:15:31 2007 - Error (-10):Couldn't Start Server Task."
"Wed Nov 28 14:15:31 2007 - ERROR (-10): Could Not Send XDR Result."
"Wed Nov 28 14:15:31 2007 - Process 3544, no shared information block established."
"Wed Nov 28 14:15:31 2007 - SDE Server 3544 exit'd with status 128."


Changes made to Windows Server Operating Systems in recent Windows Service Packs (Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 and Windows 2000 Service Pack 4) to enhance security have impacted the way that ArcSDE makes local Windows Authenticated Connections.


There are two workarounds.

  • Using Direct Connect to make local Windows Authenticated Connections avoids this issue.
  • If using Direct Connect is not an option, specify the fully-qualified server name:

    for example, sdelayer -o describe -i esri_sde -s myserver.mydomain.com, where 'myserver.mydomain.com' is the fully-qualified server name.