Bug: ArcIMS Administrator displays a blank dialog box after logging in and hangs


After entering the user name and password to log into the standalone Administrator, a blank dialog box pops-up and the Administrator window freezes.


If any error or warning messages pop-up during the course of logging into the Administrator, the Administrator window may freeze. This is a known limitation.

The two most common causes for an error or warning message to display when logging into the Administrator are:

1. An ArcIMS Monitor service associated with the Application Server is not running and therefore one or more ArcIMS Spatial Server containers are not available.

2. ArcIMS License is invalid or expired.


The frozen Administrator window can only be closed by ending the process associated with that standalone ArcIMS Administrator application.

On Windows, use the Task Manager end task utility and on Unix/Linux, use the kill command to terminate the processes associated with Administrator.

To troubleshoot the cause of error/warning messages that pop-up, follow the steps given below:

  1. Stop ArcIMS:
    Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
    Stop ArcIMS Tasker.
    Stop ArcIMS Monitor.
    Stop ArcIMS Application Server.
  2. Enable full logging in ArcIMS Application server by setting debug="true" and logtofile="true" in the AppServer.properties file. This file is located in the directory <arcims_install_location>\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\AppServer on Windows or in the $AIMSHOME/Middleware/Application_Server directory on Unix/Linux.
  3. Start ArcIMS:
    Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
    Start ArcIMS Application Server.
    Start ArcIMS Monitor.
    Start ArcIMS Tasker.
  4. Log into the ArcIMS Administrator and reproduce the error condition.
  5. Open the Application Server debug log in a text editor. This log file is located in <arcims_install_location>\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\AppServer\log folder on Windows or in $AIMSHOME/Middleware/Application_Server/log directory on Unix/Linux.
  6. If the error condition is due to a required ArcIMS Monitor not running, the following warning message is logged:
    <WARNING code="191" message="[WRN0102] ArcIMS is not available on <machine_name>."/>

    To rectify this warning, make sure that ArcIMS Monitor and Spatial Server process are running on all Monitor machines associated with this Application Server.
  7. If the error condition is due to a missing or invalid license, the following error message is logged:
    <ERROR code="ERR3001"> ArcIMS on machine: <machine_name> is not authorized.</ERROR>

    To rectify this warning, verify that Spatial Server is properly licensed and if necessary, re-run the post-install to update the license.
  8. After fixing the error/warning conditions reported in steps 6 or 7, restart ArcIMS and log into the Administrator.