Problem: Installing or upgrading an ArcSDE instance or importing a dbtune file fails with an invalid parameter error


When installing or upgrading to ArcSDE 9.2 and using a customized dbtune file containing the parameter SDO_VERIFY, or when importing a dbtune file containing the parameter SDO_VERIFY, the operation fails with the following error (either at the command prompt or in the ArcSDE setup log):

"Parameter SDO_VERIFY of keyword SDO failed to load.
Config Keyword: SDO
Parameter_name: SDO_VERIFY
Config_string : TRUE (or FALSE)".


The SDO_VERIFY parameter is no longer a valid dbtune parameter starting with the release of ArcSDE 9.2. The dbtune import process fails if any invalid dbtune parameters exist during an ArcSDE install, upgrade or while importing a dbtune file with the sdedbtune command.

Solution or Workaround

This situation can be resolved by removing the obsolete or invalid dbtune parameter from the dbtune file. In this scenario, remove all occurences of the SDO_VERIFY parameter from the dbtune file.

For an ArcSDE install or upgrade, after removing the invalid parameter, re-execute the sdesetup -o install/upgrade command. The install/upgrade process resumes from the point where it encountered the error importing the dbtune file.

For the dbtune import operation, re-execute the sdedbtune command after updating the dbtune file.