Problem: Installing or upgrading ArcSDE 9.2 fails on Red Hat Linux when LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is set to a lower release


On Red Hat Linux 4.0 and above, installing or upgrading ArcSDE 9.2 fails with the following distinctive error message in the sde_setup.log:

"Error reading the GDB string(direct_connect_nnn != direct_connect_NNN)"

where 'nnn' and 'NNN' can be any random number.


The operating system (OS) environment variable LD_ASSUME_KERNEL has been set to a value lower than 4.0, indicating that the OS is effectively running at a version lower than 4.0.

The lowest Red Hat Linux version supported by ArcSDE 9.2 is AS/ES 4.0.

Solution or Workaround

1. Unset the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL environment variable. For example, in C shell:


2. Re-execute the sdesetup command after unsetting the environment variable.