Bug: Creating a selection set from a view results in an invalid ROWID error


Creating a selection set in ArcGIS against a view containing a ST_Geometry attribute in Oracle, can result in an underlying Oracle error:

"Invalid ROWID."

This error can happen when a view is created with the sdetable -o create_view command and the input table contains a ST_Geometry attribute.

sdetable -o create_view -T land_parcels -t "land,parcels"
-c "parcels.objectid,parcels.shape,parcels.parid,land.taxyr,land.ltype,land.code"
-w "parcels.parid=land.parid(+)"

When the view is added to ArcMap and the session creates a selection set (selecting more than 100 features), an underlying DBMS error returns the invalid ROWID message.


The cause of the problem is an invalid SQL statement generated by ArcSDE when querying the view.


Currently there is no workaround that addresses this issue.