Bug: Selecting features from a view with a ST_Geometry table results in a Network I/O error


Selecting or identifying features from a view created from a table with a ST_Geometry attribute in Oracle can result in a Network I/O error.

This may happen when a view is created with the sdetable -o create_view command and the input table contains a ST_Geometry attribute.

sdetable -o create_view -T master_child_view
-t "master_table,child_table" -c "master_table.shape,master_table.objectid,master_table.master_id,child_table.child_id"
-w "master_table.master_id=child_table.master_id"

When the view is added to ArcMap and the session performs a selection or identifies features (performing a selection), the gsrvr or direct connect dynamic-link library (DLL) may crash, returning a Network I/O error to the application.


The ArcSDE gsrvr process or direct connect DLL crashes when generating the spatial query to execute against the view.


Currently there is no workaround that addresses this issue.