How To: Set the TCPKEEPALIVE parameter to equal TRUE


Instructions provided describe how to set the TCPKEEPALIVE = TRUE for ArcSDE. Setting this parameter removes any orphaned gsrvr processes running on the server.

TCPKEEPALIVE does not clean up entries in the SDE.PROCESS_INFORMATION table.


  1. Start a DOS prompt window.
  2. Run the following command:

    >sdeconfig -o alter -v TCPKEEPALIVE=TRUE -i <service> -u sde -p ****
    [O-Image] Alter
  3. After the 'sdeconfig -o alter' command is run, check the state of the TCPKEEPALIVE parameter by running:

    >sdeconfig -o list -P TCPKEEPALIVE -i <service> -u sde -p ****
    [O-Image] list
  4. Restart the ArcSDE service.

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