How To: Replicate multiuser geodatabases over the Internet


Instructions provided describe how to replicate multiuser geodatabases over the Internet. Geodatabase replication is a data distribution method provided through ArcGIS. Through this method, geodatabases are configured to be viewed and edited across different geographic locations, at the same time enabling the user to synchronize changes between the geodatabases.

The three replications types are check-out, one-way, and two-way.

One of the primary objectives of replication is to replicate data between geodatabases that are located remotely to each other. To replicate data between two ArcSDE geodatabases, it is necessary to have both the geodatabases connected through ArcGIS. Connection to a remote ArcSDE geodatabase through ArcCatalog with the option to use replication is possible by geodata services. Geodata service provides access to the contents of a geodatabase for data query, extraction, updating, synchronization, and management. Once published, the geodata services can be used to periodically synchronize the updates across each geodatabase over the Internet by sharing only the changes between the two database servers. This causes less network traffic than transporting all data back and forth.

To accomplish that, it is necessary to publish the ArcSDE geodatabase to the ArcGIS Server as a geodata service. Access the geodata service from the other location through ArcCatalog. At the same time, it is possible to connect to the local ArcSDE geodatabase using a regular spatial connection. This method would enable one to implement the complete replication workflow.


Below are the high-level steps to configure the replication process between two ArcSDE geodatabases located in different geographic locations and having the Internet as the mode of connection between them.

  • Location A (Required Software: ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server)

    1. Connect to the local ArcSDE geodatabase.

    2. Create a GIS Server Connection with Admin privileges.

    3. Publish ArcSDE geodatabase as a geodata service.

  • Location B (Required Software: ArcGIS, ArcSDE)

    1. Connect to the geodata service published in Location A.

    2. Connect to the local ArcSDE geodatabase.

    3. Use 'Distributed Geodatabase' tools to create a replica and synchronize changes by accessing the local ArcSDE geodatabase and geodata service (remote ArcSDE geodatabase).

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