How To: Register the Segmentation Module for use in ArcGIS Business Analyst


In addition to running the Segmentation Module install CD, this extension must also be registered and licensed before use. Instructions provided describe how to register the Segmentation Module for use in ArcGIS Business Analyst and ensure that all data is available.


  1. Register the software.
    If this is a Concurrent use product, activate the *.txt or *.efl9. If this is a Single Use product, activate the *.esu or *.esu9 file.
  2. Unlock the Tapestry data.
    Save the *us_tap.sdlic file to the computer. Double-click the license file to activate the license.
  3. Activate the Community Coder License File.
    Save the *.lf file to <Drive leter>:\Program Files\ESRI\Community Coder. Open Community Coder from Start > All Programs > ESRI > Community Coder. Select OK to exit the Demonstration Mode message. From File > Options, click on the Browse button for License File and browse to the <Drive letter>:\Program Files\ESRI\Community Coder folder. Select the custom *.lf file. Select Open, Apply and Close.
    If any of the above mentioned licenses have not been received, contact ESRI Customer Service at 888-377-4575 X1.