How To: Move ArcGIS Server 9.2 Java Edition map services into different folder


Instructions provided describe how to move ArcGIS Server 9.2 map services from one folder to another.


It is necessary to have a map service already created before following the steps below.

  1. Log into ArcGIS Server Manager.
  2. Click on the 'Services' tab.
  3. Under 'Folders', click on 'Add'.
  4. For this example, use 'Maps' as the folder name. After typing in 'Maps' as the folder name, click on 'Add'.
  5. Navigate to <ArcGIS installation directory>\server\user\cfg. Verify that a 'Maps' directory was created in this folder. There should also be some .cfg files that belong to map services and one called FolderInfo.cfg.
  6. Log out of the ArcGIS Server Manager. Stop the ArcGIS Server Object Manager (SOM).
  7. Move one of the map services .cfg file into 'Maps'. Do not move the FolderInfo.cfg.
  8. Start the ArcGIS Server Object Manager (SOM) and refresh ArcGIS Server Manager Service.
  9. Log back into ArcGIS Server Manager.
  10. Click on the 'Services' tab.
  11. Under 'Folders', click on 'Maps' and verify that the map service has been moved.

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000009754

Software: ArcGIS Image Server 9.3.1, 9.3, 9.2