Problem: Slower batch geocoding performance with ArcGIS Geocode service serving ArcSDE locator


When serving an ArcSDE address locator in ArcGIS Server, there is an option to connect to the locator workspace using an application server connection or a direct connection.

For a service using an application server connection or a direct connection, performance of batch geocoding operations can be slow. The rate of slow-down may vary with the address locator style, number of records to be geocoded, and the batch size used. As the number of records to be geocoded increases, the performance difference may become noticeable.


When an address locator stored in ArcSDE is served in ArcGIS Server, for any batch geocoding operation, records are processed one at a time (rather than a batch of records) on the ArcSDE side, resulting in a slower performance.

Solution or Workaround

Copy the ArcSDE address locator to a file folder, file geodatabase, or personal geodatabase workspace before publishing it using ArcGIS Server.