Error: ArcIMS 9.2 Author returns 'ArcSDE layers cannot be retrieved' when connecting to ArcSDE 8.3 and fails to retrieve layers

Error Message

When connecting to ArcSDE 8.3 using ArcIMS 9.2 Author, it does not list any layers in the catalog window and returns the following message:

"ArcSDE layers cannot be retrieved".

'Author Message Console' also returns the following exception,
“java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException”, when the Message Level is set to 'All'. The Message Level is set by selecting View (menu) > Message Level > All.

As no layers are listed in the catalog window, map configuration file (*.AXL) cannot be created using layers from ArcSDE 8.3.


This is a known limitation in ArcIMS 9.2 Author.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Create the map configuration file (*.AXL) manually or using a pre-9.2 version of ArcIMS Author or ArcExplorer Java.
  2. Use a post-8.3 version of ArcSDE.