How To: Verify that the data in ArcGIS Business Analyst is licensed


Instructions provided describe how to verify that the data in ArcGIS Business Analyst is available for use.

In addition to installing ArcGIS Business Analyst and registering the software, a data license (*.sdlic) must be activated.

If the data is not licensed before using Business Analyst, there are several different error messages that may be encountered. For example:

"Unhandled exceptions" when using the wizards.

"Unable to get appropriate templates for selected BDS layer" when running reports.


  1. From Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > Business Analyst, click on Business Analyst.
  2. Once ArcGIS Business Analyst is open, right-click on any of the following licensed data layers: Businesses, Detailed Streets (Local), Streets (Local), Block Points, Block Groups, Census Tracts, ZIP Codes, County Areas, CBSAs, Designated Market Areas and State Areas. Select Open Attribute Table.
  3. Once the attribute table opens, verify that the records and their attributes are visible. For example, if the attribute table for ZIP Codes was opened, verify that both records and attributes are displayed.

    Only the records and attributes for the licensed geography are visible.

  4. If the attribute tables are blank for any of the licensed data layers, then the data has not been properly licensed.