How To: Clean up orphaned records in the SDE repository tables using ArcCatalog


If ArcCatalog closes prematurely while deleting or creating a feature class, it can leave orphaned entries in the SDE repository tables.

When the business table is deleted in ArcCatalog, the feature class fails to appear in the table of contents.


To clean up entries in the SDE repository tables, perform the steps below using the following example of a deleted feature class: joe.roads.

  1. In Query Analyzer (SQL Server) or Sqlplus (Oracle), create a table by the name of 'roads' and 'joe' as the name of the user. The table name should be the exact name as the deleted table and this should be created by the original data owner.
  2. Make a spatial database connection as user 'joe' in ArcCatalog.
  3. The roads feature class now appears in the table of contents in ArcCatalog. Right-click on it and select 'delete'.