Problem: Attribute table is blank after exporting it as a layer in ArcGIS Business Analyst


The data export process appears to work correctly, but when the new table is opened, there are no attributes for the records. Only the FeatureID (FID) and Shape columns appear.


To export records from the Business Reference Layers or Thematic Map Layers, the number of visible fields must be manually limited to no more than 1,024. This is a limitation of dBASE.

Solution or Workaround

Manually limit the number of visible fields to no more than 1,024 and re-export the data.

  1. Right-click on the layer to be exported > Properties.
  2. Click on the Fields Visibility tab and move all Visible fields over to the Invisible fields window by clicking on the double left-arrow button.
  3. Build the visible fields list by highlighting one or more fields and clicking on the single right-arrow to add them back to the Visible fields window. Hold the shift key down to select sections of variables, or hold the control key down to select multiple non-contiguous variables.
    It is recommended that at least the first four variables are included, as these provide record identification. These fields are: OBJECTID, SHAPE, ID and NAME.
  4. This list must not exceed 1,024 variables. To see how many fields have been selected, look above the Visible fields window for a count of how many fields are currently included.
  5. When all desired variables have been added to the Visible fields window, this list can be saved by clicking on Save Visible Fields List (optional). If this list is saved, fill in the name and select OK. Select Apply and OK. Close out of Properties.
  6. Right-click on the target layer > Data > Export Data. If records in the layer have been previously selected, verify that Selected Records displays in the Export window. Click on the Browse folder and select the desired export path and name. Select Save and OK to begin the export process. Select Yes to add the exported data to the map as a layer.
  7. Right-click on the newly created layer > Open Attribute Table. Verify that there are attributes for the records exported.