FAQ: How can ArcInfo symbolsets be used in ArcMap?


How can ArcInfo symbolsets be used in ArcMap?


Most ArcPlot and ArcEdit symbolsets have been converted to Styles so that the same symbols can be used in ArcMap.

Click on the link in the Related Information section below to download ArcPlot_styles.zip.

To use these Style files in ArcMap, extract the files from the ZIP archive into the "Styles" directory in the install location for ArcGIS Desktop.

The install location for ArcGIS will depend on your version of the software, and your operating system.

To use a specific Style in ArcMap at version 9.x, go to Tools > Styles > Style Manager. At version 10.x access the Style Manager through Customize > Styles > Style Manager. On the right side of the Style Manager dialog box, click on the Styles drop-down menu and select the Style to be used in the current ArcMap session.

Markersets, linesets, polygon fill symbols, and textsets created with IGL fonts are not converted. Textsets created in ArcInfo with Intellifonts are not converted.

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