Problem: Create Replica tool fails when type is one/two way and destination is not an ArcSDE geodatabase


The Create Replica tool fails when creating a one-way or two-way replica if the child geodatabase is not an ArcSDE geodatabase. The following error message is returned:

"The operation is not supported by this implementation.
Item not found in this collection.
Failed to execute (CreateReplica_2)".


This is by design at version 9.2, as one- and two-way replicas require both geodatabases in the replica pair to be stored within ArcSDE geodatabases.

The requirements for different replica types can be found in the ArcGIS 9.2 Desktop Help. See the Related Information section at the bottom of this article for specific links.


Starting at 9.3 when creating one-way replicas, the destination may be an ArcSDE geodatabase, a file geodatabase, or a personal geodatabase.

Solution or Workaround

Below are options available when creating replicas that can be found in the 9.2 Desktop help.

  • If changes need to be sent multiple times from the parent replica to the child replica, one-way or two-way replication is required. With these replica types the parent and child must be ArcSDE geodatabases.
  • If it is a requirement to create replicas with the destination being a personal or file geodatabase, checkout/check-in replication must be used.

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