Bug: ArcPadPrefs.apx file not saved after turning Magellan MobileMapper CX device (MMCX) off and on


ArcPad's ArcPadPrefs.apx file is not saved on the Magellan MobileMapper CX (MMCX) mobile device after turning the device off and then on again.


The MMCX device only retains files saved under '\My Device' path.

Any files saved under '\My Document' path in memory is wiped out once the device is turned off.

Upon startup, ArcPad looks for .apx files at certain searching paths. If the file is not there, it assumes there is no custom settings saved and opens with default settings.


Copy the ArcPadPrefs.apx file to SD card (or another location) and go back to '\My Documents' path on MMCX after powering on again to retain customized settings, such as modifications made to ArcPad Options and/or GPS Preferences.