How To: Manage user accounts for deployed Web applications


Every Web application that makes use of a local map service connection is deployed under a user account. If no account is explicitly set during the Web application creation it defaults to the user account who first logged into Web Manager.

It is recommended that Web applications be deployed to a user account on the Web server machine that maintains a password that does not change at set intervals. This is often times more possible with local accounts.


ArcGIS Server .NET and Internet Information Server (IIS) require that the identity (user account) be included both in the Administrators and AGSADMIN group on the machine with IIS installed.

Instructions provided explain how to create a new user to deploy Web applications under and how to set up the Web Manager to use this account for subsequent deployment.

  1. Right-click on My Computer and select Manage.
  2. From 'Local users and groups', expand out and right-click Users. Select New User.
  3. Enter a username; for example, 'WebDeploy'.
    Enter a password and confirm.
    Uncheck 'user must change password at next logon'.
    Check 'user cannot change password'.
    Check 'password never expires'.
    Click 'create'.
  4. Navigate to 'groups'.
    Right-click on Administrator group and select 'Add to group'.
  5. Select 'add' from the new box to add users.
    From the 'Select users, computers, or groups' dialog box, click 'location' and change to the local computer, which is typically located at the top of the list.
    Click OK to return to the add user dialog box.
    Type the name of the account created previously and click 'Check Names'. The name should become underlined.
    Choose OK.
  6. Repeat the above step for 'AGSADMIN' group.
  7. Open the Web Manager and log in.
  8. Create a new Web application.
    Make sure to select a local map service and continue on until the 'ArcGIS Server Local Connections' section.
  9. Click 'change' at the 'User name' dialog box.
    Input the new user and password in the following format:
  10. Finish deploying the Web application.
  11. All future Web applications are now deployed under this new account.
    If the account under which the Web applications are deployed, as set in step 9, is changed in any future deployment, all Web applications after that point keep those credentials.

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