Error: The number of points is less than required for feature

Error Message

To produce the error message, "The number of points is less than required for feature", each of the actions described below must involve inserting a feature into an ArcSDE feature class.

There are several actions that can lead to this error:

  • Using the Load Data command in ArcCatalog
  • Using the Object Loader in ArcMap
  • Using the Paste command in the ArcMap Editor


A feature being inserted into the ArcSDE feature class has less than the required number of vertices for the geometry type. For example:

  • A polyline feature with two vertices that are both located at the same location.
  • A polygon feature with less than three vertices.

Solution or Workaround

The solution for this error can range from deleting the feature(s) in question to correcting their geometries.

If the features are in or can be converted into a geodatabase feature class, a Geodatabase Topology can be used to identify the features in question so they can either be deleted or corrected.

To correct the geometry of features, use the following steps:

  1. Add the feature class to ArcMap and start editing.
  2. Select the feature and activate the Edit Sketch, either by double-clicking the feature or by setting the Edit Task to Modify Feature, after it has been selected.
  3. Insert a new vertex or modify the existing vertices of the feature to correct the geometry.
  4. Stop editing and save the edits. Insert the feature into the target feature class, using whichever method previously failed.