Problem: ArcPad times out after 20 minutes


After 20 minutes, ArcPad times out and returns one of the following error messages:

Message 1

[O-Image] Message 1:
Message 2

[O-Image] Message 2


There are two possibilities:

1. The software is an evaluation license. This license only allows ArcPad to run in 20 minute intervals.

2. ArcPad was not registered by a computer administrator.

Solution or Workaround

Disabling the time-out for ArcPad depends on which version of the software is running.

  1. If ArcPad was registered using an evaluation license number, it needs to be upgraded to a full use licence. For details, contact an ESRI sales representative.
  2. ArcPad needs to registered by a user with administrative rights. If the user does not have administrative rights and tries to register ArcPad, the software reverts back to the evaluation license.