Bug: Feature-linked annotation disappears when editing attributes in the source feature class


** This article only applies to ArcGIS 9.2 or earlier. This bug has been resolved at version 9.3. **

When editing the attribute fields of a feature class that participate in a label expression, the feature-linked annotation is disappearing.

To reproduce:

1. Add the ESRI States feature class to ArcMap.

2. In Layer Properties > Labels, type the following expression: [STATE_NAME] + " " + [AREA]. Label the features.

3. Convert the labels to feature-linked annotation.

4. Start editing States.

5. Open the attribute table and change a STATE_NAME value.

6. When the edits are applied, the feature-linked annotation disappears.


Using the '+' operator in the label expression is causing the text geometry of the feature-linked annotation to be deleted.


Use the '&' operator instead of the '+' operator in the label expression.

[STATE_NAME] & " " & [AREA]