Problem: TaskResults features do not have checkboxes to enable highlighting features on the map


In an application built with the Web ADF for the Microsoft .NET Framework, the TaskResults control displays the results from tasks or Identify operations run by the user. If the results include individual features, normally each feature can be highlighted on the map by checking the box next to the feature. The checkboxes may be missing; therefore, the feature cannot be highlighted.


In the map document (.mxd) authored for the service, the properties for a layer may be set to hide one or more attribute fields from display. If the Shape (geometry) column is hidden, then the layer does not return geometry in queries. Without geometry in the results, the TaskResults cannot highlight features on the graphics layer; therefore, omitting checkboxes for features.

Solution or Workaround

To allow features to be highlighted, edit the map document so that the Shape column displays for the layer.

  1. Use ArcGIS Server Manager or ArcCatalog to determine which map document (.mxd) was used to create the map service. This information can be found in the Service Properties.

    If a published map file (.pmf) was used to create the service, the original map document (.mxd) must be edited instead and re-published.
  2. Open the map document in ArcMap.
  3. In the table of contents, right-click on the layer and select Properties. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.
  4. Click the Fields tab in Layer Properties. Scroll down in the list of fields to find the Shape field.
  5. Check the box for the Shape field. Click OK to dismiss the Layer Properties dialog box.
  6. Save the map document and re-publish the .pmf file if necessary.
  7. Open ArcGIS Server Manager and display the list of services. Check the box for the service whose map document was edited, and click Stop; check the same box again and click Start.

    Alternatively, open ArcCatalog and connect to the GIS server. Find the service in the list, right-click it and select Stop; right-click it again and select Start.