FAQ: Can ArcIMS query ArcSDE versioned tables and layers?


Can ArcIMS query ArcSDE versioned tables and layers?


ArcIMS can only read the DEFAULT version's representation for a versioned table or layer.

ArcIMS cannot work with any version other than the DEFAULT version.

When ArcIMS queries a table or layer which is versioned in ArcSDE, the ArcSDE gsrvr process automatically detects the data source is versioned and proceeds to query the state of the database for which the DEFAULT version references. This ensures all queries are current in respect to the versioned datasource in the DEFAULT version.

Creating an ArcSDE view referencing a versioned table or layer does not display the edits in any version. Therefore, if the view is added to an ArcIMS Server, the data presented only references the versioned table's business table. Changes in the versioned class delta tables are not viewable until those edits have been compressed to the base table.