How To: Setup ArcGISSOC account permissions for a SQL Server Enterprise SDE geodatabase


When publishing data residing in a SQL Server ArcSDE geodatabase that uses operating system authentication, an ArcGISSOC account needs to be added to the SQL Server SDE geodatabase with at lease db_datareader permission.


The permission for the ArcGISSOC account should be explicitly setup in SQL server Enterprise Manager.

Instructions provided describe how to add an ArcGISSOC account in SQL Server Enterprise Manager. The following steps are written for SQL Server 2000, similiar steps apply to SQL Server 2005:

  1. Open SQL Server Enterprise manager. Go to the Security folder
  2. Right-click on Logins > New Login
  3. Use Windows Authentication and select the domain of the ArcGIS server SOC machine or the server machine, if ArcGIS server was installed on one machine. Add the ArcGISSOC account as a new login to the SQL server. Select Grant access.
  4. Go to Database Access tab, check the database under 'Specify which databases can be accessed by this login' and check db_datareader under 'Database Roles'.
  5. Click Ok. Close the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.