Error: Error parsing control: A relative URI cannot be created because the'uriString' parameters represents an absolute URI

Error Message

When viewing the Web Mapping Application template in Visual Studio 2005 design time, the TitleMenu control displays the following error message:
[O-Image] Visual Studio Error


Installing the Security Update for the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 (KB928365) results in changes to the TitleMenu control in the Web Mapping Application.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Locate the TitleMenu control in the Properties dialog box.
    [O-Image] TitleMenu
  2. For the DataSourceId property, delete the value of 'SitemapDataSource1'.
  3. Find the Items property and open the Menu Item Editor. Click the 'Add Item' button.
    [O-Image] AddItem
  4. Add three new items with the following properties.
    Item 1:

    NavigateURL = http://www.esri.com
    SeparatorImage = ~/images/separator.gif
    ToolTip = ESRI
    Text = ESRI

    Item 2:

    NavigateURL = http://support.esri.com
    SeparatorImage = ~/images/separator.gif
    ToolTip = ESRI Support Center
    Text = ESRI Support Center

    Item 3:

    NavigateURL = Help/Default.htm
    ToolTip = Help
    Text = Help

    After adding the three items, the Menu Item Editor dialog box should look like the following image:
    [O-Image] Menu Editor
  5. Click OK to close the Menu Item Editor. The TitleMenu control should now appear like the following image in the Visual Studio Design view:
    [O-Image] Design Time
  6. Run the application and verify that each link in the menu works correctly.
    [O-Image] RunTime