How To: Move an ArcGIS Server cache to a new server


Instructions provided describe how to move a map or globe cache to a new server location.


The following checklist ensures that the cache is accessible in a Web Mapping Application.

  • Grant the appropriate permissions for the ArcGISSOC Account on the new server directory
    – Create the local ArcGISSOC account with the same user name and password as the host machine on the map cache host machine.
    – Grant read permissions to the ArcGISSOC account on the cache directory. Share the directory and grant the ArcGISSOC account Change permissions.
    For more information about setting the appropriate permissions for ArcGIS Server Directories, see Configuring a multiple-machine deployment, Appendix B: Directory diagram, in the Related Information section below.

  • Change the Internet Information Server (IIS) arcgiscache path to the new location and use Connect As to set a user and password.
    1. In the Internet Information Services dialog box, expand the server's host name > Web sites > Default Web site.
    2. Right-click the arcgiscache virtual directory and select Properties.
    3. Under the Virtual Directory tab, select the option to use 'A share located on another computer'.
    4. In the Network Directory Path, enter the path as \\{server}\{share}.
    5. Click the Connect As button, and enter the credentials of a user who has share access to the cache directory.
    Accept the other settings and click OK.

    Define the shared server location in the arcgiscache Virtual Directory Properties:

    [O-Image] arcgiscache_Properties
  • Add the Cache directory to the ArcGIS Server Properties.
    1. In ArcCatalog, expand the GIS Server's directory.
    2. Right-click the admin connection for the server, and select Server Properties.
    3. Click the Directories tab.
    4. Use the Directory Type drop-down menu to select the Cache Directory.
    5. Click the Add button.
    6. Enter the Cache directory path as \\{server}\{share}.
    7. Enter the virtual directory path as http://{ArcGIS Server Host}/arcgiscache.
    8. If desired, add a Description.
    9. Click OK.
    10. The new Cache Directory is added to the list.
  • Set the Service Properties settings for the map cache.
    1. With the map service running, right-click the map service under the admin connection and select Service Properties.
    2. Click the Caching tab.
    3. Use the Server Cache Directory drop-down menu to select the new cache directory.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. When the dialog box refreshes, verify that the cache is being read properly by checking the various properties.
    6. Click OK to confirm the changes.

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