How To: Use ArcLogistics Route Administrator to update street data


Street data updates, by way of CDs, are sent when subscribed to the maintenance program in the ArcLogistics Route with USA street data CDs from ESRI. When updates are received, use the ArcLogistics Route Administrator to update street data.


Use ArcLogistics Route - Administrator Streets utility to update existing street datasets with ESRI's quarterly street data updates.

  1. From the Start menu, navigate to the ArcLogistics Route program group, click ArcLogistics Route -Administer Streets.

  2. In the Administrator, select the street data in need of updating with the new data. Click Update Street Data. Follow the instructions in the Wizard.


    The application retains the existing street dataset from the extracted street data previously entered. If the existing street dataset is not in the same location, the user may receive an error as shown below:

    After extracting the new streets, ArcLogistics Route automatically regeocodes any locations and orders left in the service areas associated with this street data.