Problem: Geodatabase tables are not created during post-installation setup of a new ArcSDE for Oracle installation


New ArcSDE installations on Linux or UNIX boxes with Oracle 10g Release 2 fail to create geodatabase (GDB) system tables when performing the post-installation setup.

Specifically, the first portion of the post-installation (the creation of the ArcSDE system tables) may complete. However, the post-installation fails when adding the Locator information and the GDB system tables.

Subsequent attempts to manually upgrade the partially created ArcSDE geodatabase repository using sdesetup -o upgrade also fail, and the upgrade.log file contains a long string of question marks.


Due to tightened Oracle security on access of the $ORACLE_HOME location beginning with Oracle 10g R2, the SDE user is no longer granted the READ and EXECUTE privileges by default to the $ORACLE_HOME location. Because of this, the SDE user is unable to access the Oracle libraries during the ArcSDE post-installation setup.

Solution or Workaround

There are a few of solutions to this problem:

  • One solution is to add the SDE user to the operating system's DBA group or to the Oracle install (oinstall) group.

    If adding the SDE user to the oinstall group as a secondary group does not solve the issue, adding the SDE user to the oinstall group as a primary group may be required.

  • Another solution is to grant READ and EXECUTE permissions to the non-owner (SDE user) on certain Oracle library files; for example, all files related to the following:


    These related files can be found by running the dependency check command:

    ldd -r libclntsh.so.10.1
  • A third solution is to install an Oracle client under the SDE user's account so it can access the necessary files. See the related article below for instructions.

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