Problem: Postinstallation setup instructions in ArcSDE 9.2 for Oracle installation guide includes unsupported functionality


The installation guide that shipped with ArcGIS Server Enterprise edition 9.2 for ArcSDE for Oracle contains the delete_project operation, which is listed for the sdesetup command. This operation, located on the topic, "ArcSDE postinstallation setup on UNIX", is not supported for 9.2.


This is a known problem.

Solution or Workaround

Newer versions of the installation guides are available on the ArcGIS Server Product Documentation page of the ESRI support site.

Click the following link to open the ArcGIS Server Product Documentation page:

ArcGIS Server Product Documentation

This page enables one to log into the support site and access updated installation guides.

If the link does not work, do the following to get to the page:

  1. Go to the Software tab of the ESRI support site and click ArcGIS Server.
  2. Click Product Documentation.