How To: Store image services in folders in Image Server Manager


Instructions provided describe how to store image services in folders. These folders display in the Image Server Manager.


  1. Create an image service using the 'New Image Service Wizard'.
  2. At the 'Enter information about the image service' dialog box, type in the name of the folder that you want to display in the Server Manager. Type '\' and the service name. For example, type in Aerials\Orange_County. This creates a folder named 'Aerials', and the service name is 'Orange_County'.
    [O-Image] Aerials
  3. Finish creating the service and add the service to the Server Manager.
  4. Click the 'Add Image Service' icon in ArcMap.

    If this tool is not added to ArcMap, go to Tools > Customize > Commands tab. Select 'Image Server' under Categories. Click and drag 'Add Image Service' under Commands to an existing toolbar.
    [O-Image] Image Service

  5. Browse to the server and the folder is listed under 'Name'. Double-click on the folder to access the service(s).
    [O-Image] service