How To: Copy an ArcGIS Server cache to another machine


Instructions provided describe how to copy ArcGIS Server cache files from one machine to another.


Both machines must have the same ArcGIS Service Pack installed. Also, connections to the data need to be valid in the .mxd file on the new machine.

  1. Verify that both computer systems have the same ArcGIS Service Pack installed.
  2. Setup the appropriate connections to the data from the .mxd file on the new computer.
  3. Copy the folders using one of the following recommended copying utilities:

    ▪ XCOPY

    ▪ True-Image

    ▪ SecureCopy

    ▪ Norton Ghost
    Do not copy with Windows Explorer. Copying fails due to the Windows indexing process. When using Norton Ghost, ensure that the cache folders are on their own partition.

  4. Name the cache folder and map service on the new computer according to the following example:

    If the map service is named ‘USA’ and the server folder where the map service is stored is named ‘mymaps’, the cache folder should be named ‘mymaps_USA’.
    Substitute the actual names of the service and server folders as necessary.

  5. Test the map service on the new machine.
    ▪ Create the ‘USA’ map service in the mymaps folder and start it.
    ▪ Examine the cache properties for the new map service:

    physical – c:\arcgisserver\agscache\mymaps_USA

    virtual path – http://www.servername.com/agscache/mymaps_USA/

    The scale thresholds display in the service window to show that the map service recognized that the cache folders exist.