How To: Convert an annotation feature class to a shapefile


Instructions provided describe how to convert an annotation feature class stored in a geodatabase into a shapefile. This is typically done so annotations can be brought into ArcIMS.


There are two ways to convert a feature class annotation into a shapefile feature class. ArcInfo users can select either procedure. ArcEditor and ArcView license users must follow the specified set of steps.

ArcInfo/Advanced License Level

1. In ArcToolBox navigate to Data Management Tools > Features.

2. Select the Feature to Point tool.

3. Run the Feature to Point tool using the annotation feature class as the input, with the Inside option selected.

All License Levels

1. Add the annotation feature class in ArcMap.

2. Calculate the centroid of the annotation polygon in the annotation attribute table: How To: Find the centroid of polygons using Calculate Geometry

3. After the Latitude and Longitude fields are created and calculated, navigate to Options > Export in the attribute table.

4. Export the table to a .dbf and add the new table to the map.

5. Navigate to Tools > Add XY Data. Select the Latitude and Longitude fields and click OK. This creates an event theme in the ArcMap table of contents.

5. Right-click the event theme created in step 5 and navigate to Data > Export Data. Export the event theme into a new point shapefile.