Error: SDE Error -20126: Version does not exist

Error Message

When calling the sde.setcurrentversion utility for DB2 to set the version of the ArcSDE geodatabase in order to edit a multiversioned view, the following error message is displayed:

"SDE Error -20126: Version <user.version> does not exist."


Specifying the fully qualified name of the version when setting the version fails. For example, issuing the following command in the DB2 Command Center or at the DB2 Command Line Processor fails:

call sde.setcurrentversion('bear.vstage',?);

Solution or Workaround

Specify only the version name when setting the version. For the example above, specify the following:

call sde.setcurrentversion('vstage',?);

Since the version name cannot be qualified with the owner name, all geodatabase version names must be unique within the database when using this functionality with multiversion views.

This has been fixed in ArcSDE 9.2.