Problem: Installing server products on headless servers without video cards.


The following workaround enables an ESRI server product installer to launch on headless UNIX/Linux servers without video cards.


A sign that the UNIX/Linux server does not have a video card is when the installer crashes because it does not know how to connect to the x-server.

Solution or Workaround

The following procedure enables the ESRI 9.2 GUI installer to connect to the x-server, so the product can be installed.

  1. Set the server's DISPLAY environment variable to the remote x-term client.

    In the C shell:


    setenv DISPLAY "<noVideoServer_hostname>:0.0"

  2. Set the x-term client DISPLAY environment variable to itself.

    In the C shell:


    setenv DISPLAY "<client_hostname>:0.0"

  3. At the x-term:

    Give the remote server permission to communicate with the remote_server.

    xhost +server_hostname

  4. Launch the ESRI 9.2 setup script.