How To: Add an SDE raster dataset to an image service


Instructions provided describe how to use the Add raster dataset option to add an SDE raster dataset to an ArcGIS Image Server image service. This can be done by either making the SDE database connection first in ArcCatalog or by way of the dialog box.

An SDE raster dataset cannot be added using the Create New Image Service Wizard or the Add Data Wizard.

Only one raster dataset can be added. Neither adding SDE raster catalogs nor pointing to the SDE database and adding all raster datasets within is supported.


  1. If an image service has not yet been created, click Image Service on the Image Service Editor toolbar and click Advanced > New Service Definition. See the link to the Image Service online help in the Related Information section below for more information.

    If an image service has already been created, add that image service to ArcMap by clicking the Add Data button on the Standard toolbar, then navigate to and click the image service definition file.
  2. On the Image Service Editor toolbar, click the Image Service drop-down menu, point to Advanced, then click Add Raster Dataset to open the Select Raster Type dialog box.
  3. Click ArcGIS Raster Datasets and click OK.
  4. Click the Select Files browse button.
  5. Click the Look in drop-down arrow and click Database Connections.
  6. Either connect to the SDE Database to view its contents or double-click the pre-existing connection to view its contents.
  7. Click the raster dataset to add to the image service and click Add.
  8. Click OK on the Add ArcGIS Raster Dataset dialog box.

    Optionally, edit the spatial reference information and/or click the Enhancement tab and edit the parameters.

  9. Click OK.

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