Error: Invalid Topology [NO_INFO_ADDITEM] Failed to execute (FeatureclassToCoverage_1)

Error Message

When converting a feature class to a coverage, the following error message is displayed:

"Invalid Topology [NO_INFO_ADDITEM]
Failed to execute (FeatureclassToCoverage_1)."


This failure occurs when the maximum of 4096 bytes per table is reached.

For example, a shapefile that has 17 text fields, each 254 in length, and two date fields, which, when translated to an ArcInfo coverage, take 8 bytes each. The total number of bytes for this table is (17 x 245) + (2 x 8) = 4334 bytes, which exceeds the ArcInfo Workstation INFO limit of 4096 bytes per table.

Solution or Workaround

Remove fields from the shapefile until it is under the 4096 byte limit.