FAQ: What is ArcGIS Mobile?


What is ArcGIS Mobile?


ArcGIS Mobile empowers developers to create centrally-managed, high-performance, GIS-focused applications for mobile clients. Mobile applications powered by ArcGIS Server contribute to increased field productivity and more informed personnel.

With ArcGIS Mobile:
· Utilize simple developer tools to create mobile applications customized to users' needs.

· Operate in a connected or disconnected environment, allowing updates to be made on the server in near real time.

· Deploy applications to mobile devices such as smartphones, Pocket PCs, and Tablet PCs.

Generic mobile GIS applications such as ArcPad generalize software functionality so that it can be applied to a variety of field editing workflows. This is an advantage for organizations looking for an 'out-of-the-box' solution for field data collection. Most generic applications also require to check data out of the database into a different format and the check it back in when back in the office.

Using the ArcGIS Server Mobile technology, you can now build highly focused Mobile GIS applications that you design with a specific field workflow in mind and that synchronize changes directly with the geodatabase while connected in the field. Focused applications require little to no training for the field worker and uses the terminology common in the field today. Grow and release functionality at your own pace based upon enhancements and changes to field workflows.

The following steps are required to build, deploy and maintain a mobile solution using ArcGIS Server:

· Design and author mobile maps using ArcMap from ArcGIS Desktop.

· Publish mobile maps using ArcCatalog from ArcGIS Desktop or the ArcGIS Server Manager.

· Create a mobile application using Visual Studio .NET 2005 and the ArcGIS Server mobile SDK components.

· Deploy the mobile application and data to targeted devices.

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